Groundbreaking contactless laser sensing technology



The first and only SMLD IC in the market. Simple optical design, low-cost, and small form-factor. 

Tiny design- Superior Accuracy

Micron-scale motion and shape sensing.

Measuring  velocity, distance and vibration

SMLD In brief

The laser diode contains a cavity, with a stable wavelength (𝜆). Light bounces between the two mirrors.

A small fraction of the light passes the front mirror toward the target.

When light hits the target, it reflects in all directions.

Small part of it reflects back into the laser.

The cavity is affected by the reflected light, thus causing a small change in wavelength (𝜆+∆), which results in a shift in power consumption (P).

The VZ innovative SMLD IC tracks the power changes and deduces velocity and distance to the target. 


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