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Groundbreaking contactless laser sensing technology



The first and only VZ-SMI IC in the market. Simple optical design, low-cost, and small form-factor. 


Tiny design - Superior Accuracy

Micron-scale motion and shape sensing.

Measuring  velocity, distance and vibration


VZ-SMI In Brief

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The VZ innovative SMI IC tracks the power changes and deduces velocity and distance to the target.


autonomous senzor

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Autonomous Sensor


SDS  Software Defined Sensor: 

Remotely install applications to change sensor functionality. The A-Sensor supports a wide range of applications such as: vibration analysis, distance and position, velocity and more. 

SLS  Semiconductor-based Laser Sensor:  

Self-mix interferometer (SMI) provides the highest levels of accuracy, at the cost and size to enable the mass deployment in smart factories.

IIS  Insight In Sensor:  

The A-Sensor process the data collected to guarantee faster time to market, less IT infrastructure, reduced network traffic and real time alerts.