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ABOUT VocalZoom

Image by Rangarajan Ragunathan

Founded in 2022 in Israel, VocalZoom (VZ) is leading a paradigm shift for the Industrial Internet of Things. VZ was founded on the idea that data is key to creating new and improved applications in the modern, digitized era. Using patented technology, VZ’s sensors have helped shape the Industrial Internet of Things while lowering the cost of implementation and raising efficiency.


In keeping with our mission to build the next generation of sensor technology and provide affordable high-end optical sensor technology, we’ve created a contactless, wireless autonomous industrial sensor (A-Sensor) that delivers instant feedback thanks to built-in data edge processing. Designed for Industry 4.0, our latest innovation works on various surfaces, even if they’re hot, wet, glass, or moving, all with minimal infrastructure requirements. These sensors integrate directly with our smart data manager sensors (VZ+) and into any IoT platform, providing speedy results and avoiding costly downtime and repairs with condition-based maintenance. Those make VZ the perfect overall solution for optimizing your production process and increase OEE in minimum effort.

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