Founded in 2010 in Israel, VocalZoom (VZ) is leading a paradigm shift for the Industrial Internet of Things. VZ was founded on the idea that data is key to creating new and improved applications in the modern, digitized era. Using patented technology, VZ’s sensors have helped shape the Industrial Internet of Things while lowering the cost of implementation and raising efficiency.

In keeping with our mission to build the next generation of sensor technology and provide affordable high-end optical sensor technology, we’ve created a contactless, wireless autonomous industrial sensor (VAS) that delivers instant feedback thanks to built-in data edge processing. Designed for Industry 4.0, our latest innovation works on various surfaces, even if they’re hot, wet, glass, or moving, all with minimal infrastructure requirements. These sensors integrate directly with our smart data manager sensors (VZ+) and into any IoT platform, providing speedy results and avoiding costly downtime and repairs with condition-based maintenance. Those make VZ the perfect overall solution for optimizing your production process and increase OEE in minimum effort.

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Founder & CEO

Tal Bakish

Tal is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive management and engineering experience. Tal was an HW Engineer, technology management, entrepreneur, and early-stage investor. B.Sc. in Physics. 

System Engineer

Amir Ganani

Amir is an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience in system engineering and project management in various electrical engineering fields- managed projects and products for various companies. B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.

HR, Logistics, and Financial

Liat Oren

Liat has 20 years of experience in public sector project management, accounting, and financial management. Liat is responsible for purchase orders, handling shipments, credit, bank adjustments,  and more.

Lab Technician

Alexey Kolchurin

Alexey has over 10 years of experience in the field. 
He is responsible for assembly, ATP, calibration and of the sensors, production, and lab maintenance.

VP Operation

Jaron Peleg

Jaron has over 30 years of experience working for Industrial, Military, and Medical companies. Working both for leading, well-established companies, and young startups. B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.

BD & Marketing

Maya Partouche

Maya is experienced with venture capital companies, investors relationship, and project management.

B.A in Economics and Business Management 


Tal Fishman

Electro-optics systems and

semiconductor expert.

Tal Fishman joined VZ in 2013. As the Chief Physics, Tal handles laser and optical design, optimizes system performances, and optimizes analog front-end within ASIC design. Ph.D. in Physics

System Engineer & Physics

Alexander Blumkin

With a Master’s of Science degree from the Technion Institute of Technology, Alexander applies his physics expertise to VZ's role. Previously, he worked as a System Engineer at CDA Medical. M.Sc. in Physics





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